With few exceptions McLean County houses were built to be comfortable for middle and working class families, not luxurious. Craftsman, Dutch Colonial, Italianate, Prairie, Queen Anne, Richardsonian Romanesque, Second Empire, Shingle, Stick, Tudor, and Vernacular are words we use to refer to the styles of McLean County homes. Styles and forms vary through the years, but all provide a sense of time and place conveying stability and continuity.

Since 1979, the Old House Society has brought together people to share and understand their old house. In the last few years our mission has grown to include historic buildings of all kinds. Our membership adds its collective voice to the growing national realization that old houses and their settings are special, both to the owners and the community.

Only by knowing your house can you understand its character, take full advantage of its admirable qualities, and design a practical maintenance plan to protect it from needing a restoration. If restoration is necessary, we can help! Helpful information is multi-disciplinary and is widely available. We hope this section will help get you started on your journey to understanding your old house.