Historic Landmarks

By ordinance, the city of Bloomington and the town of Normal have designated a collection of single addresses because of their special history and their cultural value to the community. You may already be familiar with some of the landmarks: Normal Theater and Camelback Bridge. The Twin Cities have landmark buildings and structures that are significant on a larger scale, and have been designated by the federal government by being entered in the National Register of Historic Places.

Why would I want my property to receive federal or local designation? Designations acknowledge the historical and cultural value of the property, and its unique contribution to the community's history. Properties listed on the National Register of Historic Places, the owner can apply for certain preservation and rehabilitation funding programs, including property and income tax reductions. Designation through municipal ordinance protects the property. Local designation prohibits removal without prior consent by the Municipal Preservation Commission. Properties on the National Register is not protected from demolition.


List of buildings or homes registered by the City of Bloomington.

List of buildings or homes registered by the Town of Normal.


National Register of Historic Places

~ 510 East Grove Street (Bloomington) - Rubin M. Benjamin House

~ Virginia Avenue (Normal) - Camelback Bridge

~ 1000 East Monroe Drive (Bloomington) - Clover Lawn

~ South University Street (Normal) - John W. Cook Hall, Illinois State University

~ 701 East Grove Street (Bloomington) - George H. Cox House

~ 1005 East Jefferson Street (Bloomington) - David Davis III & IV House

~ 1002 Towanda-Barnes Road (Towanda) - Duncan Manor

~ 10875 Prairie Home Lane (Shirley) - Funk's Prairie Home

~ 108 Broadway (Hudson) - Gildersleeve House

~ 806 North Evans (Bloomington) - Robert Greenlee House

~ 502 South Clayton (Bloomington) - John M. Hamilton House

~ North Main Street (Bloomington) - Holy Trinity Rectory

~ 310 Broadway (Hudson) - Hubbard House

~ Main/Washington/Center/Jefferson Streets (Bloomington) - McLean County Courthouse and Square

~ 405 W. Market Street (Bloomington) - George H. Miller House

~ 101-103 North Main Street & 102-104 East Front Street (Bloomington) - Miller-Davis Law Buildings

~ 209 North Street (Normal) - Normal Theater

~ Lexington Park District (Lexington) - John Patton Log Cabin

~ 227 1st Avenue (Chenoa) - Matthew T. Scott House

~ 701 East Taylor Street (Bloomington) - Scott-Vrooman House

~ 4532 North 725 East Road (McLean) - Sugar Grove Nature Center

~ 1316 East Washington Street (Bloomington) - Stevenson House

~ 215-223 East Douglas Street (Bloomington) - White Building