Grants and Awards

Since 1989 the Old House Society has recognized superior house and building restorations that are true to the original period of the home or building with the Gift to the Street Award. Nominations are accepted annually, based on a criteria that emphasizes appropriate materials and beautification of homes that had lacked the care they deserved and are at least 50 years old. Board members vote on the nominees and make the award at the Annual Members Meeting. If you know of a house that you think fits the criteria, use the nomination form here. (link to subpage)

Old House Society also want to encourage homeowners and business owners to restore their buildings with a view toward their historic integrity and in furtherance of that goal, grants are available in the amount of $500. Half of the grant is in "warehouse dollars." Get an application for an OHS Grant here (link to subpage) and check out a selection of other grants available in the area.