To promote and preserve homes, buildings, and neighborhoods and the communities and heritage they foster.


What We Do

If you want to restore your older home, building, or landscape, where do you even start? Our Salvage Warehouse (located at 214 E Douglas St. in Bloomington, IL) offers many hard-to-find and unique restoration items. It also houses our library and other resources including lists of contractors and suppliers experienced with historic preservation who are ready to help you with your project. We also use this space to restore salvage items to make them more useful to our members and customers.

If you need more information before you get started, become a society member for as little as $25/year and benefit from all of our events such as demonstration workshops, classes, and informal discussions to get answers to your old house questions.

Old House Society is just as dedicated to the neighborhood as the physical building. That's why we make it a point to host events such as house tours, endow "Gift to The Street" awards, and distribute copies of our book, Picturesque Bloomington. The Architectural Salvage Warehouse is also open to the public.



Since 1989 the Old House Society has recognized superior house and building restorations that are true to the original period of the home or building with the Gift to the Street Award. Nominations are accepted annually, based on a criteria that emphasizes appropriate materials and beautification of homes that had lacked the care they deserved and are at least 50 years old. Board members vote on the nominees and make the award at the Annual Members Meeting. Complete the Gift to the Street Nomination Form, If you know of a house that you think fits the criteria.

Old House Society also wants to encourage homeowners and business owners to restore their buildings with a view toward their historic integrity and in furtherance of that goal, grants are available in the amount of $500. Half of the grant is in "warehouse dollars." Complete the Restoration Grant Application to be considered for a grant.

Oct 3, 2009, Behr Open House